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Dr. Spraker is hands-down one of the most personal teachers we have seen (even in our own academic careers). His love for God clearly comes through as he shares the Natural Philosophy principles embedded in our world”

Jody, North Hills Homeschoolers

Dr. Spraker is an excellent teacher! He genuinely cares about his students and is cognizant of each individual’s mode of learning. Whenever a student’s has difficulty grasping a topic, Dr. Spraker reintroduces the subject in a manner individually tailored to that student’s understanding and then reinforces it with practical application. He is pleasant and organized making the class engaging, as well as enjoyable for both student and parent”

Nadia, Homeschooling Parent

Dual Enrollment through Southeastern University and Colorado Christian University has been approved. Details to follow soon!

Chemistry--Entry Level (8th-12th Graders with no prerequisites).
CHEM 1213 and CHEM 121L (4 Units of college credit available from Southeastern University)
Online: Monday/Wednesdays 9:30-10:45 still some September 11th seats left.
Blue Ridge Bridge Coop: Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:30-10:45 with some August 24th seats left.
Molecular–Advanced Level I No Seats left.
CHEM 221and CHEM 231 (4 Units of college credit available from Colorado Christian University)
Cellular to Systems-Advanced Level II No Seats left.
BIOL 1233 and BIOL 123L (4 Units of college credit available from Southeastern University)

About Rafe

Dr. Ralph “Rafe” E. Spraker, Jr. is Founder of CogNatE: Cognitive Natural Education, LLC and Preceptor of CogNatE Natural Philosophy Academy–a Classical Christian project. His passion for Moral Philosophy, Natural Philosophy, and Orthodoxy has touched thousands since 1983. His formal cognates include:

BioLogica: Biochemistry; Genomics; Molecular; Cellular and Systems Biology.

MatheMatica: Mathematics; Physics; and Statistics.

OrthoDoxia: Confessional, Patristic, and Reformation Theology; Biblical Studies.

Quia Lex per Mosen data est Gratia et Veritas per Iesum Christum facta est

John 1:17